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spainThe number of foreign tourists in Spain has fallen for the first time in many years. The reason is simple - this is due to the increasing competition from places like Tunisia. However, it still remains high and there are several invariably crowded places.


Spain - other than usual

Sometimes you want to be far away from the crowds. Certainly, it is important for couples or families with children looking for a pleasant place on the Spanish soil to ... rest! So let's know where in this country there are places that are worth visiting and that allow you to relax away from the mass tourists. Places that are usually defined as "Spain." The truth is that there are much nicer corners than Alicante and the notorious Benidorm on the Costa Blanca.

Where can you see real Spain?

famyly vacationBelow you will find examples of places where you can spend a real holiday in Spain - also with children. They are beautiful, indigenous and full of attractions, but without being squeezed through the crowd. In addition to names in one sentence, you'll find an opinion why they are so unique.
To rest in Spain it is worth going to places like:
Andalusia - the sun always shines there!
Costa Brava - there is no nicer place for holidays!
Menorca - calmer than Majorca and ideal for beach holidays with family
Would you like a quiet holiday in Spain with children, a loved one or alone? As you can see - we've found some great places for you. Best of all, in each of them you can count on small family hotels and cottages for rent. There you can escape from the crowd and enjoy real Spain!


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